Window Stickers, Frosted Stickers, Glass Stickers Printing

Many retail spaces and lobbies use window and glass stickers for promotions and advertising.
Printed window graphics are easily changeable and convenient.
Window stickers creates fun and creative work and living spaces.
Standard window stickers come in printed format, with a single side printed, and the other side in white.

Reverse printing and front printing are two of the printing methods for window stickers.
Design preparation is required for reverse prints, so as to prevent errors.
Texts and images are carefully placed before printing, so important graphics will not be cut off during installation.

Another method of production includes cutting out of shapes and texts, or adding 3D elements to the surface itself.

UV rays degrade the colors on the prints over time, therefore additional protection is required.
So at Sprinter, original HP Latex Ink and an over-laminate are used to prolong the lifespan of the sticker.

A common problem faced by many graphics in our hot weather is the shrinking of the laminate.
At Sprinter, we use laminates that are specified for the print media so as to prevent this.
Shrinking laminates washes out the colors on the print. The durability of the laminate and print should last at least 2 years.

Perforated Window Stickers

Perforated window stickers are commonly seen on the windows of the buses in Singapore.
The stickers are printed on the outside, while its interior provides shade and a one-way privacy.
The one-way privacy of perforated window stickers are popular because of the function.
Perforated stickers are used where a certain level of privacy is required, while not losing the vision of the surroundings from the inside.

Frosted Stickers

Frosted stickers are commonly used for privacy and separating space.
There are multiple methods to process frosted stickers.
Firstly, direct application of entire sheets of vinyl, so entire rooms are blocked out.
Secondly, logos, shapes and texts that are cut-out onto the sheets conveys messages or creates patterns.
Lastly, printing directly onto the frosted vinyl, therefore creating a translucent tinted effect from the shades of colors.

Installation of window graphics

The glass has to be clean and dirt-free for the graphics application.
Grease and dirt can cause unwanted bubbles to show up on graphics.
Some cleaning chemicals may cause the stickers to not adhere to the glass.
Our installers inspect the surface before installation, therefore ensuring the best installation possible.

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