Window stickers are widely used for brand image, advertisement, business information, and special promotions.
It can also be used to provide details on operating hours, social media pages, websites, QR codes, and many more.

These customisable stickers can be used on any glass surface, and can help to catch a potential customer’s attention.
They are also commonly used together with retail displays to boost user interaction.

Depending on your branding specifications, different grades and types of stickers can be available for your choosing.

Perforated Window Stickers

Perforated window stickers can be commonly seen on the windows of Singapore buses.
Its exterior surface is used for advertising, while its interior provides shade and a one-way privacy.
These stickers are popular due to its added privacy feature. It helps to keep the office shaded from exterior light,
while allowing you to view your surroundings.

Frosted Stickers
Frosted stickers can also be used for graphics application, prints can be made onto the films before the installation and the effect may be suitable for some. Frosted stickers are popular for meeting rooms and spaces that require a bit of privacy, it can also be used to convey the message that there’s a glass wall/door, without being too obnoxious.

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