Frosted Stickers

Frosted stickers create a sleek, tinted look on your window, and adds a touch of elegance to your business.
Fuss-free, durable and highly customizable, frosted stickers help to add a layer of privacy protection.
The frosted film also keep out a certain degree of heat and light from the outside, making it suitable in dimming down a space.

Production methods

Frosted stickers are used mainly in offices or meeting rooms where privacy is necessary.
There are a few methods available for producing a frosted graphics.
Firstly, the frosted sticker can be applied directly as an entire sheet onto windows, blocking out the space entirely from view.
Secondly, the vinyls can be done in a cut-out manner, where logos, shapes and texts may be introduced, to convey a message.
Printing is also available on frosted vinyls, therefore allowing for wider creativity in expression.
Sprinter provides design, supply and installation services for frosted stickers.

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