Durable safety signboard

Safety signs are essential tools that help to prevent injuries and inform both staff and the general public of dangerous situations. Its symbols, colours, and meanings are understood universally, and Singapore is no exception. In fact, it is a legal requirement in Singapore for businesses to install safety signage when applicable.

Safety signs should fulfill these three basic requirements:
-Clear and precise information displayed
-Durable and long-lasting
-Easily spotted with maximum visibility

A wide variety of materials, such as Aluminium, can be chosen for your safety signage.
Depending on your brand specifications and requirements, different materials may be advised accordingly.

Reflective materials can also be effective for increasing the visibility of your signage. This is particularly useful for darkened areas or roads, where visibility is generally low. It immediately catches the attention of passing vehicles, and can also be visibly seen during the day. Reflective materials can be a very useful tool when used properly.

Some popular forms of safety signage are:
Danger signs
Road signs
Construction signs
Prohibition signs
Mandatory signs
Building Site signs
Fire Safety signs
First Aid Signs
Exit Emergency signs
No Smoking signs
Flammable Material signs
And many more.

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