Durable cut-out vinyl sticker or decal sticker printing for effective labelling

Cut-out stickers are used in a variety of applications, depending on the type of sticker chosen.
These stickers are used for vehicle graphics, shop windows, labels and inspirational quotes. These highly versatile stickers help to retain the uniqueness of your background i.e. through a window display, or a laminated wall, while sending your message across. Due to its easy application, they have also been used as vehicle advertising or boat graphics.

Some know it as die-cut stickers, however die-cut stickers are very different. Large format stickers are usually kiss-cut stickers, to allow for easy installation and application. The machines that are used for kiss-cut and die-cut are also very different. Die-cut stickers are generally used as giveaways, whereas kiss-cut stickers are used for so much more. Kiss-cut stickers can be used for labeling, where multiple labels are prepared on one sheet.

Sprinter uses kiss-cut stickers for vehicle, wall and glass graphics, with the help of a transfer tape, the position of the text is kept in position while the installers apply the stickers.

Cut-out stickers allow for a lot of creativity for designers to express shapes and icons.
With multiple layers, cut-out stickers are used on lighted panels to create different effects, therefore increasing the visibility of the message.

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