3D Acrylic Sign Boards and Signages

3D acrylic signs create a strong brand image and first impression for your brand.
When placed along your reception area or foyer, it creates an established, professional image, projecting strength and reliability. Unlike traditional signage, fabricated 3D signage boasts a sense of elegance and form. It is often perceived as a mark of quality, and a reflection of the success of a business.

3D acrylic signs are laser cut and precise, ensuring you a quality product that satisfies your branding needs. The colors can be mixed and sprayed on through paints, or printed on, so as to distinguish itself as a true representation of your company.
They are also durable, weatherproof, and easily maintainable.

Lighting can be added to your 3D acrylic signs for greater visibility, and can be seen as a good alternative for drawing attention, particularly in outdoor, night, or dim settings.

Sprinter uses cast acrylics for most of the 3D acrylic signs, so as to ensure a quality sign is installed.

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