Sign Installation

Sign installation is at the cornerstone of our services. We believe that this is the best part of any signage project. Proper erection, position and location of signs are crucial. Ensuring the effectiveness of the sign is not compromised as long as it is installed correctly.

Obviously, there are signs that need to meet certain requirements and regulations. The proper positioning and engineering integrity of signs must be met. But, no two situations or signs are exactly the same. Guidelines and standards may differ location to location due to safety and conservation reasons.

Sign installation is our service offered in compliance with all local requirements. Included in the service is the analysis of code and engineering requirements, sign installation logistics and fabrication staging. The best planning, signage and design products have their limited value if they are not installed properly.

Why us              

Sprinter is established as a company that is dedicated to offering sign installation services. Along the assistance of our well-trained and experienced personnel, your signage projects are handled despite their different sizes. We can be your trusted sign company that helps you save more money and time.

Regardless of the size of your project, we are ready to install all signs, furnishing and accessories required. With our experience in the industry and reputation in meeting our customers, we are able to serve you completely. We are fully bonded, insured and licensed for your utmost protection.

The best thing about us is that we make it certain that the sign installation complements your branding requirements. Our experienced professionals and expert team are after creating effective signage for your business.

Our sign installation services are designed for quality manufacturing, sturdy and safe installation, concrete sign bases, light billboards, strict adherence to the safety codes, and more. With our signage installers, they ensure that the logistics are properly executed and planned.

For exterior installation, our company provides an even impressive manufacturing unit and a pool of qualified technicians. If you are in dire need of setting up signs or installing a big billboard, we are ready to help you handle your large and small projects with great ease. We are ready to assist you on your customized plan that exceeds and meets your core objectives.

We also have the experience and equipment that helps us create the best signs. These signs can further attract your attention and get your business noticed.

At Sprinter, we also install and create signs, banners, posters, internal lettering and many more. We assemble all of your signage projects that leave your business spotless. Our logistic experts and operations managers are finding out the best way in installing your signage. In just a few hours, installation projects are completed for your complete satisfaction.

Request for Quote

If you need signage installation, we can do it just for you. You just need to contact us and request for a free sign and design quote. We will be working with you for your pre-designed or logo file.

Speak to Our Staff

Speak to our proficient and knowledgeable employees that are dedicated to meeting your needs. We are bonded and fully licensed in meeting your sign installation needs.

Sign Installation Pricing

Normal ( less than 2 sqm)$100.00
High Installation ( less than 3m)$180.00 onwards
High Installation ( more than 3m)$280.00 onwards
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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