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Acrylic signs will help you in terms of boosting identification and visibility of your business. Sprinter.com.sg is a signage company where you can get best signage and signboards in accordance to your wants and needs. Sprinter Acrylic sign is popular because of its efficiency and durability as a marketing and advertising tool that you can use.

Great for establishing your brand presence and creating a lasting impressing on your customers.
Acrylic signs help to promote brand visibility, and improve your professional image by projecting elegance and reliability. Due to its aesthetics, they are often perceived as a mark of quality, and a reflection of the success of a business.

They are commonly used along office and reception areas,  rooms, or by the entrances of shop spaces. These versatile products have also been used for safety signs, and general wayfinding signs.

Sprinter Acrylic Signs are fabricated and produce in-house. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver unique and quality made reception signs to suit your needs.

Acrylic signs are economical and can be laser cut for precision, ensuring you a quality product that satisfies your branding needs. They are highly durable making them perfect choice for a host of environments, indoor and outdoor.They are also weatherproof, and easily maintainable. Alternatively, you may wish to consider 3D acrylic signs to increase brand visibility.

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or Directional/Wayfinding Signs.

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Sprinter provides free consultation to help you with your signage and branding needs.
Signage, print graphics, or vehicle wrap, we are happy to advise you based on your branding specifications.
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