Posters and Foamboard Printing

Foamboards and posters are effective and popular mediums for brand advertisement.
Many businesses adopt posters to increase brand exposure and boost brand recognition.
When placed strategically, posters can help you draw large crowds to your products and services.

Posters are printed digitally on poster paper. We also offer poster printing in offset for various sizes
(A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, Custom) and materials.

Foamboards can also be used on both sides, and have an excellent level of stiffness, allowing your promotions to be easily placed on walls or on stands.

Foamboard stands

Sprinter provides foamboard stands and other fixtures that allow for easy display of your foamboard posters. These stands come in different types, depending on whether you want to have it put outdoors or indoors. The stands are sturdy and can hold a variety of posters, be it foamboards, banners or other display items.

Not what you’re looking for?
Try Pull Up Banners, Banners, or Pop-up Displays/Backdrops.
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Unsure of which product to choose from?
Sprinter provides free consultation to help you with your signage and branding needs.
Signage, print graphics, or vehicle decals, we are happy to advise you based on your branding specifications.
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