Building Sign

Building Signs are an essential fixture for any building – Commercial, Residential, or otherwise.
It is a necessary and extremely effective form of advertising that greatly boosts your brand exposure and helps clients to locate your business venue easily, even from a distance.

Building signs also project an overwhelming impression of strength and reliability.
Because of its size and location, it attracts a lot of attention from passers by. Often, buildings with well-established building signage will be seen as a local landmark. It creates a positive image of your brand as a permanent fixture in the community.

Building signs require strong and durable materials. Light can also added to improve brand visibility. This will help you stand out against competiting brands and signage, and is especially useful during night or dim settings.

As building signage are a huge undertaking, it is important for you to hire a signage company that you can trust.
At Sprinter, we are equipped with the knowledge and equipment for your signage installation.
We are able to assist you in licensing requirements such as BCA/URA licenses, PE endorsements, drawings, etc.
Our team is trained for installation of building signage, with the required equipment and machinery available
at our disposal.

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Try 3D Signs, 3D Acrylic Signs, Acrylic Signs, LED Signs, System Lightbox, Aluminium & Metal Signs,
Safety Signs, or Directional/Wayfinding Signs.

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Unsure of which product to choose from?
Sprinter provides free consultation to help you with your signage and branding needs.
Signage, print graphics, or vehicle wraps, we are happy to advise you based on your branding specifications.
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