Wall stickers are great for lobbies, reception areas, waiting areas, renovation works, and even exhibition booths.
Depending on your specific requirements ie. Temporary, permanent, etc., different materials will be advised accordingly.

Hoarding Stickers
Hoarding stickers
are used to promote or advertise your brand before the store’s official opening, hoarding stickers are a popular and effective form of advertising. They generate hype and create awareness for your brand image, and can also be used to bring attention to in-store promotions. This helps to spark the interest of passers-by, who will look forward to your store’s opening.

Depending on the duration of your renovation works, you can even use low-grade temporary hoarding stickers, maximising cost savings and brand publicity.

Wall Stickers
Wall stickers
help liven up dull spaces while creating brand presence for your business.
They are perfect for both commercial and private use, and can be used to create new experiences,
promote products, and decorate your office or personal space.

Product advertisement can be placed in showrooms, creating an immersive brand experience for your customers.
Powerful messages along the office space can motivate and inspire your employees.
Permanent or temporary, a variety of materials are available to fit your business needs.