Wall Stickers and Decal printing services in Singapore

Wall and window graphics are very popular for getting messages across to your customers, visitors and your employees.
Graphics can be applied in a variety of manners, such as cut-out texts or full graphical prints.
Sprinter provides design, printing and installation services to ensure a smooth journey with little interference to your business.Our professionals will try to understand your business to the best of our abilities in order to provide a design that would complement your business.

Hoarding Stickers

Sprinter provides printing services of all budget ranges, in order to provide a fully customized solution.
With hoarding stickers, Sprinter provides a solution based on the duration and location of your requirements.
Long-term outdoor stickers would have to be more weatherproof rather than indoor stickers which can be less resilient.

Maximize brand visibility and cost savings, while maintaining brand standards.
At Sprinter, we will match your needs to the environment and provide the best solution and pricing for your branding needs.

Other uses

Graphics can be applied to many surfaces, and can be produced in many methods.
Sprinter has had many experiences in putting up graphics, such as for vending machines, cars, kiosks and even boats.

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Try Window Stickers, Cut Out Stickers, or Frosted Stickers.
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Unsure of which product to choose from?
Sprinter provides free consultation to help you with your signage and branding needs.

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