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Signage Singapore

Signage Singapore

Sprinter is a Singapore-based signage and print business with more than 15 years experience in the industry. We have a team of experienced designers, craftsmen and advisers who will be able to provide you valuable information on the best signage for your needs.We believe that all businesses should have a sign, regardless of budget available and type of business. Sprinter support entrepreneurs and look forward to working with, as well as growing with new and small businesses. We provide the expertise in signage and print media so you can focus on your business. We have experienced designers that help to provide expert solutions for visibility and branding, so your business can stand out.

Design and professional services

Sprinter has a team of designers that will work on your design needs based on your business type and requirements. Our designers are in constant communication with our production team, ensuring that what is designed can be produced in a cost effective manner. This will also help you ease out the pain of explaining your customized design to fabricators. Other services that we provide includes administrative services, such as submissions for BCA licensing and URA licensing.

3D signs, Acrylic Signs and Lightboxes

Sprinter specializes in many custom signs, 3D signs, illuminated signs, standard office signs and lightboxes. We have produced many signs over the years, and have experience in handling most projects. As new technologies arises, we constantly update our equipment to ensure higher precision and quality in producing your signs.
We have an in-house production team that focuses on creating the best product for your business. Our production team ensures quality and reliability for your signs, and providing you a reasonable pricing for your signage needs.

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In Singapore, every business needs a sign, it welcomes and creates awareness. Even online businesses have sticker graphics on vehicles to create awareness of their brands, therefore it is even more important for retail and physical businesses.

Sprinter can help to achieve your signage needs.
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