Backdrop, Pop-up Displays and Event Signs

Pop-up displays and backdrops are useful for brand exposure and marketing in public spaces.
With its durable frame and informative displays, it allows you to set up a makeshift shop for customers to approach you and find out more about your brand. They are commonly used in roadshows, trade-shows, conventions, and other venues.

The main purpose of a backdrop or pop-up display is to draw the attention of your customers.
A vibrant print, coupled with a sturdy background, and some spotlights, would make your space stand out.

These displays are specially designed to be lightweight, durable, reusable, and easily installed or dismantled. It consists of a sleek, foldable metallic aluminium framework embedded with powerful, long-lasting magnetic strips. The well designed structure allows you to attach your graphic display panels easily and conveniently. Set up your backdrop within minutes, and just as easily dismantle. Hard cases are provided with the displays, which are easily transported, and easy to store.

Due to its unique design and system, you can also choose to replace existing graphic panels with updated designs and materials, therefore allowing you to re-design your entire pop-up display and backdrop without additional hardware costs.
A combination of display frames can even be used to create a dynamic and immersive pop-up space to wow your target audience and leave them with a strong and lasting impression of your brand.

Customized Backdrops

Should a pop-up display not work for you, customized backdrops may be an option. These structures can come with banner prints that are stretched over the frame or just panels and stickers. If there is a need to re-use these items, Sprinter can help to design the structure such that it can be easily reusable. The design, set-up and dismantling can be handled by Sprinter, so all you have to worry about is where to put it up.

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