Stickers and Graphics

Graphics are great for lobbies, reception areas, waiting areas, glass windows, and even exhibition booths. Our graphics are printed on materials that are chosen for your specific requirement, temporary, permanent, or otherwise.

Hoarding Stickers

Hoarding Stickers

Wall stickers can be used in a wide variety of applications, hoarding for example, is plain when empty, hoarding stickers generates hype that can produce awareness about your business even before you come up in the location.
Hoarding stickers can be extremely low cost and effective, depending on the duration of your renovation works, you may get hoarding stickers that are low-grade and temporary, which will save you money and serve its message.


Window Stickers

Window stickers are extremely versatile in terms of sending a message, creating a promotion, or even to create privacy. We provide window stickers that can be cut-out to the shapes that are required for your advertisement, or temporary stickers that are used for sales or promotions. Window stickers have also been used in conjunction with retail displays to create user interaction. Window stickers can be used for glass doors, providing details on your operating hours, social media pages, websites, QR codes, and much more.


Wall Stickers

Wall stickers can be used for creating new experiences for your customers, promote products and decorate your office or homes. We have printed plenty of wall stickers that depicts different settings and moods, promote different products in many different ways. Products can be placed on wall stickers in showrooms. Your customer can fully experience your brand when they walk into your showroom, messages can be put up to motivate and inspire employees. At Sprinter, we can help design your wall stickers to your purpose and generate the best effect that is required, through the use of stock images, illustrations and the right fonts and messages, we believe that your graphics will send a successful message and create the right image for your business.

Let Sprinter help you with your graphics. With our experience in choosing the right materials and finishing for your graphics, you will be glad you made the right investment.

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