Terms & Conditions

Artwork & Graphic Designs

  1. We reserved all rights to all hard copy artwork (inclusive of designs, images, fonts, vectors and other designing materials)
  2. For soft copy artwork, we will forward the working file (AI, PDF and Hi-Resolution JPEG) to the customer and will immediately discard all files once the customer confirmed receipt of the files,unless told otherwise.
  3. For ready-print file/artwork submitted by the customer, we will not be held responsible for any infringement of rights or is religiously, racially or politically abusive and offensive.
  4. For ready print file/artwork, no confirmation of artwork is needed however we will not be responsible for any errors in the artwork. We will only advise whether it is a print-ready file or not.
  5. Ready-print artwork refers to accepted artwork/design that does not require any conversion of file. Conversion of non print-ready files will be advised beforehand and charge accordingly. Examples of non print-ready files; Words, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, Low-Resolution JPEG.
  6. We reserved the right to reject printing if the artwork is religiously, racially or politically abusive and offensive in nature.
  7. Artwork confirmations are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer is to check carefully all text, numbers and images before they confirmed the artwork.
  8. Artwork confirmation is only through email. No other form of communication is allowed and accepted.
  9. Once artwork confirmation is received, we will not be liable for any mistakes, errors or changes after that. We will not refund or replace the items or services should it occurs.

Invoices & Cancellation of Orders

Sprinter (Vendor) prepares your order according to your specifications. Therefore, prior to it’s commencement, your order can only be canceled with the Vendor’s prior written consent. After commencement of your order (the point at which materials are assembled and work has begun), your order cannot be canceled. The Customer is Solely Responsible for Proofreading Vendor does not assume any responsibility for the correctness of copy. Therefore, you must review and sign a proof prior to our commencement of your order. By signing your proof, you approve of its content and release the Vendor to commence our work. You are solely responsible for the content of the proof once it has been signed. However, if we should make an error in producing the work as proofed, please be assured that we will redo the work as quickly as possible and without charge to you. Vendor’s Liability Vendor’s total liability is hereby expressly limited to the services indicated on the invoice and Vendor will not be liable for any subsequent damages, consequential damages, or otherwise. All dates promised on this invoice are approximations unless the word “firm” is written and acknowledged by the Vendor. Vendor reserve the right to refuse any replacement & reserve the right for final decision.

Customer’s Acceptance of Work

Customer’s acceptance, either personal or through his/her agent(s) and/or employee(s) of the work ordered shall be deemed as full acceptance. This means that by accepting delivery of the work, customer affirms that the work substantially conforms to all expectations. Lost or Substantially Forgotten Work: If customer does not take possession of completed work within thirty (30) days from notification of completion, then the work will be considered lost or forgotten, and vendor will not be responsible for further loss. Customer will be billed and responsible for payment for work that has been complete.

This Terms & Conditions is valid so long our services are still needed by the customer. We reserved the right to change, amend or delete any part thereof in this Terms & Conditions at any time, without having to inform the customer.

Production Lead Time

Signage lead time is usually between 5-7 days. For large order job please check with our adviser for details. For rush job please contact us for confirmation. Rush fee charges could be applied

Offset lead time for normal order is 5 days depending on the type of products. For large order job please check with our adviser for details. For rush job there will be an additional rush fee charges.


Items ready for collection can be pick up from our Ubi store. For free delivery there is a minimum charges of $200 per order (subjected to item size not more than 900mm x 600mm). For delivery charges please check with our adviser for details.


For delivery please ensure that someone is available to collect the item. We do not provide specific time delivery service. Our advisor will update the client on the timing on the delivery day. In the event the delivery address is wrong; or nobody is there to pick up the goods and needs another trip; or change of delivery address there will be additional charges for delivery. No Assembly or demonstration of the product by our delivery man. Installation of the product only applicable if provided under the quote. All payment for delivery must be settled before the delivery date. Our delivery time is from Monday to Friday (10:00 to 18:00). We require at least 1 day lead time to schedule for delivery.

File Requirements

For direct print orders, we only take in AI, PDF and Hi-Resolution JPEG. Print quality and color are base on the source file. Our wide format printer and offset printers uses CMYK color, please DO NOT use RGB color. Our Company uses the default CMYK profile. Files receive in RGB, other color format and profile will be converted to our CYMK profile for printing without prior notice, and our company shall not be responsible for any color aberration caused by the conversion.

For offset printing all text needs to be outlined. Any text that are not outline will be converted into the default font for printing without prior notice, and our company shall not be responsible for any variation of the text/artwork caused by the conversion.

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