Lightbox are the most basic of all signs available in Singapore. The available system lightbox have changed over the years in Singapore to create ease of use for the end consumer.

Sprinter produces system light box that are easy to maintain should you require lights replacement or a change of graphics. We believe that all businesses, big or small should invest in at least a system light box to get better visibility for their businesses in day or night.

The use of lightbox will help you in terms of boosting identification and visibility of your business. Sprinter is a leading firm where you can get best signboards and graphics in accordance to your wants and needs. Sprinter’s lightbox are popular because of its efficiency and durability as a marketing and advertising tool.

Sprinter lightbox can be customise to fit LED or T8, T5 fluorescent lighting. Our factory produce lightbox ensure they are most competitively price in the market . Sprinter backlit prints are radiant and rich in color. We use original HP latex ink and are certified by HP to last outdoor. We don’t compromise on our prints! Our lightbox with vibrant print are especially popular with food signage and F&B.

Sprinter Lightbox can be build with different material stainless steel, Aluminium, Acrylic and modular system. To enhance the signage, 3D acrylic can be added to enhance the visual effect of the signage. Our laser cutter  can customized laser cut acrylic graphics and cut letters in accordance to your wants and needs.

Our experience installers are trained to install the lightbox at any part of your business facade.

Lightbox Designs


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