Pop Up Display

Effortlessly set up in seconds, our lightweight yet tough pop up display integrate easy fix magnetic bars and graphic panels. This system is a real breeze to handle, providing you with a stunning exhibition backdrop which will be up and running within minutes.  You can easily interchange the graphic panels allowing you to re-brand your entire display stands without the cost of buying new hardware.

With a fantastic variety of pop up display, we offer a cost-effective solution which is easily transported to and from trade show events by car or even by plane. The displays are compact and come with a sleek metal aluminium framework and slim line magnetic bars, which are neatly stored, along with the full color exhibition panels or fabric drops, inside a tough wheeled case.

We know that not every exhibition space is the same size that is why we offer a selection of frame sizes.  Working seamlessly together, the pop up display fit perfectly in popular trade show spaces, such as 3m x 2m, and be adaptable enough to give practical layout options for the most unusual and demanding stand spaces.  Unite straight and curved popup frames with flawless bridging panels, providing you with endless layout formations.

 Pop UP Display Solution

This is something that all marketers should never miss to try especially while aiming to promote their businesses into the next level. Check our free quotes for pop up display now and see how we can help you in minimizing the rate of your advertisement cost for the promotion of the new brand that you would like to share in the market.

If you have questions about our pop up display, don’t hesitate to contact us at 6677-1229. Our customer service representatives are always ready to assist you in gaining a better understanding of how pop up displays can help your business grow further.

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