Kapaline Board

Kapaline is a lightweight foam board with high quality chromo substitute liners. Kapaline is the optimal substrate for screen printing and also for any painting techniques.

For 40 years now kapaline board is synonymous for lightweight foam boards with a polyurethane foam core. The kapaline board usable surfaces on both sides. They have excellent level of stiffness and is therefore ideal suited for many application fields.

Kapaline Board Usages

  • Direct digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Internal signage
  • Photo mounting
  • Model making
  • Presentations
  • Fill-in panel for exhibition and display systems
  • Lightweight structures
  • backing or mounting board for picture framing

5mm kapaline board

Kapaline board are advertising tools that works excellently in gaining the attention of all consumers. Such advertising tools can be used in outdoor places especially while aiming to promote a new brand in a very efficient way. These tools have been proven reliable in providing a new business with more local customers as the time passes by since it’s so easy to create a duplication of this product. It can be posted anywhere and the different examples of wonderful statements and images that can be provided in it are always effective in gaining the trust and attention of all marketers who really want to ensure that all their money will be spent only on products that will really help them improve the quality of their lives in a very efficient way.

Our Kapaline board poster are printed digitally on poster paper or vinyl and mounted on Kapaline board. We also offer poster printing in offset from variety of size (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, Custom) and material.

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