Food Photography

Food Photography that will make your mouth Water

Food Photography… Great images of food connect with the viewer more strongly than almost any other branch of photography, instantly stimulating the appetite. If food is your business, then you must have realised how critical images are in conveying the quality, texture, and mouth watering appeal of your creations.

Tempting, Delicious Food

Creating tempting images of food requires almost as much skill as the food preparation itself; the setting should be appropriate, and the lighting and composition must come together just so.

Get it right and you’re well on the way to having another customer. On the other hand, the best food in the world can easily be let down by weak images.

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If your food travels well we can photograph it in our studio where we have complete control over the setting, props and lighting. Alternatively we can work directly on site using our portable equipment, capturing not only the finished dishes but also the preparation process and the ambiance of your premises.

At Sprinter, we understand that your food image is crucial. Call us at 6677 1229 and our staff will be in touch with you. Our food photography starts from $150!

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